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Rocket To Abu Dhabi

by Pantzig

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nordey Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to look forward to, but then I remember that One Day Phil Collins Will Die and it keeps me going. Favorite track: One Day Phil Collins Will Die.
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Cat Food 01:33
Do I have any problems Is everything just fine Am I going crazy Or am I losing my mind I don't think I'm going mental But I probably will Because I've got way too much Fucking time to kill Am I getting cabin fever Or is it all in my head It's the best day of my whole life And I fucking wish I was dead My rhymes ain't shit my styles ain't shit And I'm perfectly okay with it It's the bet day of my life And I wish I was dead Did I just hear a noise Or a hallucination Maybe the best answer is Proper help and medication I don't think I'm acting strangely But I probably am Because i stay up all day and night And eat cat food from the can
Hot Pockets 00:31
Microwaveable treat Made from horse meat They can't be beat Until you try to eat Hot Pockets Fuck it dude Hot Pockets Technically food
Izo 02:15
Are you human because you're brutal Are you brutal because you're human You've got a body and a soul and yet you don't Why are you so brutal and Why are you so vengeful What the fuck are you so vengeful against I know you're no sucker You're a real mother fucker You can't get revenge on existence You're fresh off your cross Show those spirits who's boss It's an uphill battle but you've got eternity to kill If a horse comes we kill the horse If a human comes we kill him too If a demon comes we kill the demon It's too late, you're dead too You fought the other spirits You thought were in your head The ones you met before they were dead You left a trail of blood And your sanity behind Why not just linger in the underworld No turning back now You've come way too far The answer's at the top of the stairs It's all for naught You found your proof of god He sent you right back to the start
One day, and we know that day is near Some stand idly by some wait in fear But I know I'll just be getting high We all know one day Phil Collins has to die We can feel it calling in the air tonight One day very soon Phil Collins has to die What good has he been since Genesis He's not half the man Peter Gabriel is When that day comes no one will question why Phil Collins must die die die die
I'm a loser
Solar Jetman 01:10
SOLAR JET MAN! I've never played a game quite like this But we are on the hunt for the golden warship The situational and planetoid gravity Both have taken a firm hold of me (cuz I'm) SOLAR JET MAN! I've got myself a fancy new Japanese pod Efficient engines and super shields make me feel like god I'll go to Chorlton even though that planet is ass At least when it's over I'll earn some cold hard cash (cuz I'm)
You cut me off How dare you Now I will Not spare you My mission is Not just scare you I'll end your life If I care to I'll follow you wherever you go For you it is the end of the road No matter how many people you tell This is a Duel I'll send you to Hell Haha you thought I was in that place You see the truck But never the face I'll run you off The fucking interstate Did anyone get The fucking license plate
You put Roofies in my Yoo-Hoo I didn't do anything to you Why'd you have to go and do The Roofie-ing of my Yoo-Hoo Don't put Roofies In my Yoo-Hoo You suck Flunetrazepan I've forgotten who I am Or where I am or who are you Why did you Roofie my Yoo-Hoo
What do we do After a show It's 1am Where else to go We got 12 bucks We may as well Get fucking stoned And Taco Bell 12 bucks at Taco Bell You're livin' like a king 12 bucks at Taco Bell Order one of everything What do we do All bored and baked Mid-afternoon A trip we'll take We got 12 bucks So what the hell Take a high ride To Taco Bell
Charity Case 01:28
You sound like an asshole Shut your fucking face I'd rather be hated Than a charity case You cannot be trusted You can't be asked to learn Next time you hit the pipe I hope you fucking burn You're just another waste Taking up precious space I know the real you A piece of shit under a shoe Waiting to be scraped off or thrown away You're a one trick pony You're a one note song It's a fucking wonder How we ever got along I hope you understand I hope I made it clear But you never listen So you'll never hear
Cancer Baby 00:41
Cancer Baby Your baby's got cancer Cancer baby Now death is the answer All it does is scream and cry It's got cancer, baby no wonder why All it does is sit real still It's cancer, baby, now it's been killed
Circus Charlie, Circus Charlie You play as a clown and you jump Circus Charlie Circus Charlie If you never played it you're a chump Guide our holy hero Through the fire rings Jump over the lions Monkeys and other things He's our Lord and Savior So praise His holy name Circus Fuckin' Charlie Your new favorite game
She wears her clown face paint everywhere we go She don't want Coke or Pepsi she only drinks Faygo When we meet somebody new WHOOP WHOOP is what she'll say She may be a Juggalo but I love her anyway She's a Juggalo She keeps an ax in her car and one inside her purse At least they aren't guns but I still wonder which is worse She's down with the clown til she's dead in the ground At least that's what she'll say She may be a Juggalo but I love her anyway
Just drink whatever you want We're all gonna die May as well have a sweet buzz May as well get fucking drunk
I'm just waiting for that check to come. The world is burning but I feel numb. TV is awesome and outside is dumb. So I'm sitting here waiting for my check to come. I'm holding my breath when I go to the store And they're still out of paper, like the 5 times before. But when that check hits, it's asswipe galore. I'll buy it all wholesale, it'll be a big score. Just a few weeks til I get that sweet cash Then it's Amazon Prime, Grub Hub and DoorDash. I'm sure that this plague will be done in a flash And we'll go back to life with our fat wads of cash. So I'll sit on my sofa and watch the train wreck. In my fortress of Lysol and standard-grade tech. With my ass getting bigger and pain in my neck Waiting patiently here for my stimulus check.


released February 2, 2021


all rights reserved



Pantzig Illinois

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